Commercial Glass Washer with Drain Pump 400mm basket


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The InstaWash IW40 commercial glasswaser is not only for a busy bar but also for any busy kitchen or restaurant, with a washing capacity of a 1000 glasses per hour and a programme duration of either 90/120/180 seconds no matter how busy you get you will always have clean glasses, cups and cutlery.

Ideal for any sized kitchen this commercial glasswasher will cut your work load down immensely and leave you with spotlessly clean glasses every time.

  •  Capacity: 1000 glasses / hour.
  •  90, 120 and 180 second washing cycles
  •  Stainless steel construction
  •  Power: 3 kw – 13 amp plug fitted
  •  Basket Size 400 x 400 mm – Can hold 16 pint glasses per tray
  •  2 x Baskets included for glasses
  •  Digital control panel for easy to use operation
  •  Drain pump for easy installation fitted free, worth £100
  •  Detergent pump fitted worth £129
  •  Rinse aid pump fitted worth £99
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    Powerhouse Cleaning.

    For maximum cleaning power, the unit features several cycle times (90, 120 and 180 seconds). The 85C fresh water rinse works to at the end of each cycle, keeping glasses and cups thoroughly clean and sanitised no matter how busy you get.

    Easy to use Digital Controls

    Operation of the machine begins with simple digital controls for activating, starting washing and draining of the unit. The unit fills, thanks to the automatic fill feature, and begins to heat. To accommodate a variety of drain installations, the prefitted drain pump automatically pumps out waste water at the end of service. The digital display offers codes for wash cycles, draining and cycle time together with fault codes for easy fault finding in case of any staff errors.

    Simple connections.

    A cold water fill makes it easy to install and pre-fitted detergent and rinse aid dosers make it easy to draw in chemicals as the machine needs it.

    Supplied with 2 x 400mm square baskets for glasses.

    The commercial dishwasher is supplied with 2 baskets for glasses. The machine can clean only one basket at a time. Baskets can be stacked inside the machine when not in use for safety as shown. Thanks to its compact, undercounter design, the unit is perfect for kitchens with limited space available and a need for efficient warewashing.



      Item meets the health, safety and environmental product safety standards for products sold within the EEA.

    • Plug FITTED


      This unit comes with a standard UK 13 amp plug fitted.



      This unit requires a mains water connection.

    • Installation


      This item requires installation by a qualified engineer.

    External Size

    Unit Height Width Depth
    Mm 768 485 520
    Cm 76.8 48.5 52
    Inches (approx) 30 19 20


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