Espresso Coffee Machine CM2


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Modena 2 Group Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine CM2

The Modena CM2 two group espresso machine is the perfect addition to your restaurant, coffee shop, or cafe! Not only does this machine give you the opportunity to add one-of-a kind hot coffees to your menu, but its stainless steel boiler system and automatic functionality ensure fast, efficient service for your customers. A user-friendly option for any high-volume establishment, this espresso machine is sure to take your customer’s morning fix to the next level.

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    Modena 2 Group Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine CM2

    User-Friendly Controls

    This unit combines exclusive microprocessor technology with touchpad controls for easy operation. Hot water dispenser and steam wand give you complete accuracy over making any type of coffee or tea beverages. A cup warmer sited on top of the machines allows for cups to be warmed ready for service.

    Automatic Design

    This unit’s fully automatic functionality ensures fast service to your customers while also allowing the barista to focus on other tasks, thus increasing productivity in your busy establishment. Choose to dispense a single or double espresso with 1 or 2 cups at a time.

    Modena 2 Group Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine CM2

    Easy to Install

    The unit is supplied with a 13 amp plug connection. Just connect to water mains and a waste water outlet.



    External Size

    Unit Height Width Depth
    Mm 530 475 563
    Cm 53 47.5 56.3
    Inches (approx) 20 18 22

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